Meet Charlene

I am a chalk pastel specialist. My 8-plus years’ experience as a chalkboard sign artist, added to my fine arts training and over 20 years creative work, has resulted in my current work – chalk pastel illustrations.

Reproducing mother nature’s beauty, I deliver bold, unconventional colours, whimsical themes, vibrant, accurate realism, and colourful abstracts. With the launch of my new business, Art Done Wright, I now offers mobile art classes and creativity coaching in the Langley/Surrey area.

My clients are like me, busy women who want time to explore and unlock their creativity as a way to de-stress, or simply as a fun way to hang out with their girlfriends.
My goal is to make art accessible, convenient and fun – empowering others through creative visual expression. I will give you personalized art instruction, provide project collaboration or leadership. My services include one-on-one and group sessions, group facilitation, demonstration and step-by-step support.

My personalized support means I will teach you what you want to learn and support you along the path you choose to create your masterpiece.

Art Done Wright

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