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I can help you be as creative as you want.Michael F.

My passion in life is to support individuals that are committed to developing or re-connecting with their creative attitudes. A creative attitude is a solution-focused approach to problem solving, self-development and lifestyle design. I encourage people to shift away from their limiting beliefs and toward taking charge of their personal and professional lives. People have described me as an excellent coach and peer supporter, an enthusiastic “go getter” and people-person because I bring a diversity of qualities, skills and experience to all my endeavours.

I provide mentorship, peer counseling and training. I respond with a generous and non-competitive attitude toward lasting relationships with consistency in high service standards.

I have participated in Artist in Business Roundtable Discussions sharing my experience, successes and challenges as an Artist Entrepreneur. I bring sensitivity to diversity of clients needs creating rapport with clients from different ethnic, social, religious and economic backgrounds. I understand that personal success is achieved via constructive and congratulatory performance feedback while addressing barriers to creating results.

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Art Done Wright

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