Create Your Art

Enjoy one-on-one coaching, develop confidence, creativity and artisjoanrtic skills.

Want to learn how to create a beautiful painting with ease? Looking for a chance to express your creativity in a laid back and inspiring atmosphere? How about in your own home?

My goal is to make art accessible, convenient and fun – empowering women through creative visual expression. I will come to you and give you personalized art instruction, project collaboration or leadership. You get to create in the comfort of your own space. It’s great – you can keep your art piece setup to continue working when inspiration hits. Don’t waste time on travel and not achieving results.

I offer one-on-one and group sessions, facilitation, demonstration and step-by-step support. Wondering if you’re right for a session? Are you a woman any age, a creative entrepreneur or a women-focused organization in need of personal or professional support?

I will teach you what you want to learn and follow the path you choose to creating your masterpiece.

How My Teaching Process Works

Depending on the project and medium – I demonstrate the process – step-by-step, then have you mimic the technique. I support you all the way. I provide you immediate, helpful feedback to improve results and achieve satisfaction.

I include the following topics:

  • Layout tips: composition and balance, line drawing, gesture seeing and drawing
  • Painting techniques: texture techniques, palette knife, impasto, brush strokes, and blending.
  • Mixed media using acrylic mediums.
  • Colour mixing and blending techniques,
  • Light and shadows, proportions, perspective and depth.
  • Training your artist-eye – reproduce what you see.
  • Creative process: how to take what you learn from art into your everyday life (courage, patience, discipline, internal critic management)

When I teach art, the focus is primarily on your enjoyment while I gently introduce the technical and academic aspects of art. Classes are open to all levels – beginners are welcome. Enjoy my one-on-one coaching while you develop confidence, creativity and artistic skills. My goal is to bring out your creativity.

Supplies to be discussed at consultation and will depend on scope of project. Materials may be supplied for an additional agreed-upon fee. Check out the Rates page for fees.

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